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Save your time and trust us. IMAX Medical propose you some services. It will help you for all of your projects. We propose you the following services associated to GE, Siemens, Philips and Toshiba ultrasounds, CT , MRI, vascular and Xray systems used, or refurbished :

  • Equipment inspection : 

Equipment inspection allow us to identify accurately all the specifications and the detailed conditions of the system. It is essential to have it before preparing a contract. This precise desciption avoid after sales disputes.

  • Purchase offer (cf. We buy)
  • Deinstallation :

Most of the equipment deinstallation (except ultrasounds) require specific skills. We use crane and many other tools. Our skills and relations with speciliazed partners allow us to manage this step with safety.

  • Crating and transport

We crate according to equipment features, transport destination and transport mode. We are able to deliver all over the world (Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Africa)

  • Installation

We help you to install the material. As deinstallation, each system has his own installation constraints. We are here to manage it until the system is in working order.

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